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Myth: EMR Is All I Need to Optimize Consumer Financial Engagement

Tackling the challenge of optimizing payment of patient balances requires health systems to differentiate between standardizing workflow and the creation of a true consumer-grade experience by employing specific software, coupled with marketing and consumer finance know-how. No single vendor can solve every business problem. The best hope is to find a solution that leverages the EMR seamlessly and provides the patient and provider with an integrated view.

Myth: Charity Care and Traditional Collections Strategies Are Fit for Purpose for Consumer Payments

Myth buster David Kirshner explores whether there is a better course of action than dismissing financially challenged patient accounts as bad debt write-offs. Are charity care write-offs or aggressive collection practices sufficient to address the growing number of under-insured and insured patients who have large deductible and co-insurance patient payment responsibilities? Would having the ability to offer patients a different path–one where they are able to propose what they feel they can pay be better?
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