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Can Artificial Intelligence Reinvent the Healthcare Back Office?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an exciting topic in healthcare – one which is often associated with the clinical or the research side. But what about the back office and the healthcare supply chain? Could artificial intelligence lead to significant improvements in healthcare operations and efficiency, saving billions of dollars each year? At the 2019 World Medical Innovation Forum, a group of healthcare executives formed a panel to discuss how they are using AI-based technologies to good effect.

How Increasing Patient Responsibility Affects the Revenue Cycle

Patient payment behavior is changing the revenue cycle. Rising insurance deductibles and higher out-of-pocket medical expenses mean up to 30% of a health system’s revenue is now derived from the patient-as-payer population. In an interview at the 2019 Annual HIMSS Conference and Exhibition, Will Reilly, Vice President of Client and Consumer Marketing at VisitPay, addressed the impact increasing patient obligations has on the consumer experience in healthcare.

Raising the Bar in Healthcare Consumer Financing

For years, the healthcare industry has measured consumer satisfaction with clinical encounters through tried and trusted mechanisms like HCAHPS scores. However, there is a lack of data and experience when it comes to understanding what patients expect from their financial experience. Without data, providers lack insight into how to improve the consumer-facing financial process. To understand gaps in the patient experience, VisitPay conducted surveys and focus groups and identified over 80 painpoints.

Myth: EMR Is All I Need to Optimize Consumer Financial Engagement

Tackling the challenge of optimizing payment of patient balances requires health systems to differentiate between standardizing workflow and the creation of a true consumer-grade experience by employing specific software, coupled with marketing and consumer finance know-how. No single vendor can solve every business problem. The best hope is to find a solution that leverages the EMR seamlessly and provides the patient and provider with an integrated view.

New Healthcare CFO Survey Reveals Top 3 Priorities and Dependencies

Healthcare leaders are facing constant pressure to identify and implement sustainable strategies to effectively improve the way they provide services. To keep pace with increasing consumer expectations, new competition, and evolving delivery and payment models, healthcare CFOs are focusing on strategic imperatives. Kaufman Hall surveyed senior financial executives from more than 160 hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare to gauge organizational priorities impact.

Myth: Charity Care and Traditional Collections Strategies Are Fit for Purpose for Consumer Payments

Myth buster David Kirshner explores whether there is a better course of action than dismissing financially challenged patient accounts as bad debt write-offs. Are charity care write-offs or aggressive collection practices sufficient to address the growing number of under-insured and insured patients who have large deductible and co-insurance patient payment responsibilities? Would having the ability to offer patients a different path–one where they are able to propose what they feel they can pay be better?
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